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Your Message Is The Focus

A photograph needs to do more than look great. A great image illustrates your message the way you want it told. I go out of my way to make sure my 10+ years of experience, equipment, and education in the field are perpetually sharp and current in order to make images that tell your message and look stunning while doing so. 


I am Accessible.

If you send me an email, your message goes to me. The same person producing and organizing your shoot, composing the frame and pressing the shutter. That number on my email signature is not an “office line” or “studio number’ it’s my cell. If you call or text, it’s me on the other line. 


I love What I do.

So I do it a lot. When I’m not producing images for a client I’m making images for personal projects. It keeps my skills sharp and my passion for what I do strong. My Personal work has been exhibited in multiple galleries and the State of Mine Portrait Series has been the subject of a Documentary film premiering as an official selection at the 2014 Atlantic Film Festival and has been talked about on CBC Television, CTV, the Chronicle Herald, Saltscapes magazine and the Coast Weekly.  


I Don’t Proactively Seek Awards. (But Encourage You To.)

Good work should be recognized! I take great pride in our work together and I encourage you to submit any of our collaborations for any awards you like. It's okay if our work wins something and I don’t post it anywhere. I do get hired by some clients and not for profit organizations that don’t have the resources for such applications. I want all of my clients to know that as far as the pictures we make go, you deserve the best work I can give you with the resources we have regardless of budget, production size and end game. When you are my client my work for you is my best, I am on your team and I’ve got your back and take pride in our work regardless of what happens with it afterwards.


I am Open With My Rates.

Anyone, potential client or not can ask me for them and I'm happy to share. Feel free to look at them, share them, talk about them, ask me questions about them, dispute them, It’s all good! I don’t see any reason that keeping them under wraps serves any purpose other than to cloudy an industry standard. 

Sometimes I Do Discount My Rates

Giving back to your community is important. It is why I have donated my services to Unicef Canada, the IWK Children’s Hospital Telethon and have given a special “not for profit / philanthropic” rates for clients like the Nova Scotia Nature Trust and the IWK Foundation. If you are a not for profit charitable organization whose cause and vision align with my principals I am more happy to look at what your needs are and find a way in which I can address them within a limited “not for profit” budget.  


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